Saturday, 18 April 2009

Silicone tape

Wandering through a Maplins store the other day, I came across this:

From Renoir5_extruder

It's silicone tape, and is rated to 260C - high enough for an extruder. One of the suggested uses is for repairing car exhaust systems.

I made a temp extruder heater out of two m8 coupling nuts, two wirewound resistors and a few inches of tape. It seems to hold up well, and went up to 220C.
From Renoir5_extruder

I need to re-drill some welding tips, since I widened them to 3.5mm and made holes in the sides.


Pat Galea said...

I expect they'll mention this use of the tape on the next version of the packet.

Erik de Bruijn said...

I like the idea that you're trying things that are available at the local hardware store.

But if they're made of stainless steel, that wouldn't have optimal conduction.