Sunday, 5 April 2009

Coach bolt hack working

I ran up the BfB extruder with the coach bolt drive. Drive is a little inconsistent, but works (12mm/sec or more).

It should be enough to let me build another extruder - i.e. RepStrap itself, with a traditional V1 or V2 extruder.

From Coach Bolt drive

I might try and build a coupler out of polymorph. My solder join is only straightish (a couple of degrees off) because it wasn't held very well while setting. I could also try supergluing a similar reinforcement with the slots - I don't think it will be strong enough on it's own.

I've mounted it on the RepRap
From Coach Bolt drive

And it should be ready to go soon. I tried using the host software to build a 10x10x10 square, but it started moving the Z-axis down, away fron the endstop. I'm not quite sure why yet... I'll try the replicatorG and the g-code to see if it has the same effect.


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Renoir said...

N.B. Extruding at 220C and motor speed 110 (not RPM, power setting). Standard BfB motor