Friday, 4 June 2010

Renoir's Mega Shield built

I've been soldering and building and I've finished my mega shield!
From RenoirsMegaShield
The build went well. I 'tinned' the copper pads (using some plumbing flux and a tiny bit of solder), which made the soldering a bit easier. Using a tip (from ladyada?) I converted some standard header pins to some through-pins by pushing them through using the flat on a pair of pliers, three or 4 at a time:
From RenoirsMegaShield
Once I'd fixed the pins, I could put them through into the arduino and check the alignment - OK. I left the pins partially pushed in to maintain the position, and soldered a single pin from each row:
From RenoirsMegaShield
This held them in place when I removed the mega and soldered the rest.
From RenoirsMegaShield
I've now got 10-pin IDC headers for X,Y,Z, and extruder (A) - and a spare (B) using header pins as I ran out of sockets. There's a space for the 20-pin interface connector from the generation 4 designs, and a whole set of +5v/GND/analog in headers for temperature probes, extra sensors, etc. Along the top is an I2C 4-pin header, and similar +5v/GND/digital I/O headers for servos, TX/RX comms, and some PWM pins. 8 PWM outputs are taken to a separate 10-pin IDC header that is intended to go to a MOSFET power driver board to drive the heater and heated bed (coming soon).


BodgeIt said...

Hi Dave
have you got a PDF of your layout I can lazer print and etch.. pls

Renoir said...

I'll post a full set of PDFs later on today.

BodgeIt said...

Great thank you.. I was going to make some thing with vero board.
Your board will just make it much easier some of the Pin sets had half pitches between so Vero was alkward to do.