Monday, 7 June 2010

Apple service and board PDFs

A few weeks ago, I bought myself an Apple MacBook Pro :-) and I've been really happy with it. However, a few days ago, I had terrible trouble trying to load the Ardunio software - segment faults and Kernel Panics (serious errors!) all over the place.
After a bit of debugging, I tracked it down to a single command - 'java -d32' which would cause a segmentation fault or bus error straightaway. A bit more investigation led me to the Apple Hardware test - which reported a 4MEM error, indicating a bad stick of ram :-(.

I dropped into the apple store today, expecting a delay as they had to send my nice new MacBook off, or at least swop out the ram. The apple 'Genius' was very helpful, and confirmed the bad ram - or possibly a logic board - and went off to speak to the manager.
However, 10/10 for service - despite the fact that I'd been using it for 6 weeks, they arranged a swop for a brand new machine right away! They even copied everything over to the new machine! I picked up my 'new' pc, opened the lid and everything was exactly as it had been on the old machine. I am now a very happy Mac customer :-) - that is an excellent example of customer service.

Also produced some PDF files for the Mega shield - available with the eagle files on the
Eagle files for Renoir's RepRap Mega Shield Page.

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Pat Galea said...

That's pretty cool.

I had a good experience in there a while back. I took in an old unibody MacBook which was several months out of warranty. They said they thought that the wifi board was faulty, and they thought it'd cost me about £50 to have it fixed. But they then phoned to tell me that they'd swapped the wifi board, and it hadn't helped. A few days later, they phoned again to tell me that they'd had to swap the entire display assembly. As the repair was bigger than they'd expected, they said it was free!

Well, I wasn't gonna argue with that!