Monday, 17 August 2009

No disassemble - part 2

Just to finish off the breakdown of the myvu glasses:

Once the outer shell has been removed, you are left with a small plastic unit containing two clear plastic blocks, with the displays at either end. They appear to be solidly glued in.

I ended cutting the block in half using wire cutters. The plastic is moulded in two parts, but is pretty solidly attached or glued. I then had to cut away and snap bits with pliers to uncover the plastic prisms.
Once the prisms are removed, the remaining plastic can be snipped away to uncover the displays and tidy them up a bit. Be careful of the diagonal ends of the prisms - there are small glass mirrors glued to the ends, and I chipped one.

I now have two uncovered displays and two plastic mirror/lenses. They can be re-mounted in a more suitable frame (maybe reprapped?)

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