Sunday, 16 August 2009

No disassemble Number Five!

Today I took apart a set of MyVu solo glasses to extract the displays. I thought it might be useful to post some photos to help anyone else following my path.
From MyVu

I built my own phono lead to connect a composite source - the cheaper version only comes with an Ipod lead. Pinouts for the myvu solo 4-pole 3.5mm connector are:

Tip - left
ring - right
ring - a/v ground
body/ring - video

This happens to be the same as the Zune media player. Connect the grounds (outer rings) from the phonos to the a/v ground, and the tips of three phonos to the left, right and video.

Starting point:
From MyVu

A bit of experimentation with the screwdriver found that the front cover is held on by a couple of plastic tabs, and with a bit of levering comes off pretty easy.

From MyVu

From MyVu

There is a plastic frame in three parts holding everything together. It is screwed together with four torx screws - two neat the centre bridge, and two behind small plasic covers forming the arm pivots (the hinges for the folding bits).
I drilled these out as my driver was too big, causing a bit of damage.
From MyVu

The signal is generated in the control box and fed up a many-core wire into a small connecting PCB on the left side of the glasses.
From MyVu

The signal appears to be split and sent across to the right-hand display using the (damaged) flat cable. This can be unplugged at both ends. The right-hand end is simpler, only connecting to the right ear piece.
From MyVu

I cut the earphone wires and pulled out the rubber housings from the arms. This allowed me to force the left arm apart freeing the cable.

Currently, the control box still works, although the video is not visible. I think it's because the backlight circuit probably runs through both LEDs in series, so I'll need to identify and patch that so I have a single working, monoptical display. Then I can re-mount it in a more 'socially acceptable' frame to form the HUD for my dataglasses.

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