Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Arduino Mega Shield

I'm fiddling with an eagle design for a RepRap arduino mega shield. I couldn't find any eagle files for the basic sheild pins, so here's one I ripped from the arduino reference design.

Arduino Mega Shield Eagle Files


Casainho said...

Would be better if everyone would go with KiCad, because I believe is better than Eagle and is Open Source while Eagle not.

Did you try already KiCad?


Renoir said...

I hadn't tried KiCad. I started on Eagle because my first attempt was to change the stepper driver board to single sided - and that was done in Eagle (from the reprap library and thingiverse).

KiCad seems fully capable (on a one-hour tryout) and a suitable open-source replacement for Eagle : However, it won't load /convert eagle files.
The RepRap shield I am currently working on is based on the eagle Arduino files.

I just use what works: both will do the job so far.

Casainho said...

Ok, I forgot that about boards designed by zack being on Eagle :-( :-(

Buzz said...

You need to have a look at the makerbot gen4 designs - they are based around a mega, and they are currently in pre-production beta testing. check the makerbot Subversion repository for the cad files and code, etc.

Renoir said...

Ah! That's where they are... I'd read about the mega design, and there is an updated v3 stepper driver in the RepRap library - I hadn't realised there was a separate MakerBot one! Doh!

Downloading now....