Monday, 27 July 2009

Fings I av Fixed.

Since starting to build my RepRap, I've fixed much more around the house. Having the tools to hand, and having the confidence to try, means that I've fixed things where previously I would have thrown them away.

I've replaced the power plugs on two of our laptops several times.
I've fixed one of the laptops - including disassembling it, taking out the main PCB, de-soldering and changing over two SMT microswitches, and replacing the power socket.
I've fixed a couple of battery-operated kid's toys - simple things like disconnected wires and broken solder joints.
Recently, when the telephone cable was accidentally cut during some gardening, I replaced the whole section of cable - the old cable was past it, not worth joining.
I fixed a doll's arm back on.
I fixed the bathroom door lock - and several other jobs in the home, mainly because the tools were available and handy.

Also, I taught my daughter to solder - making a 'game of life' kit together. It went really well, and worked first time!

All this (indirectly) because of my RepRap.

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