Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Presentation over!

Today I managed to show my RepRap to 50+ colleagues at work (IPL).

We have a lunchtime talk every few weeks, on technical and non-technical subjects, given by staff and invited contributors. I foolishly volunteered to give a presentation on my RepRap.

I put together a little presentation, some notes and delivered it today!

It went really well. Everyone was attentive and I got some sensible questions, so some of them were listening! After the talk, I started up my RepRap and it ran through a dummy print, since my extruder isn't quite working at the moment.
Lots of people stayed to watch, and there was some lively discussion over what could be printed, and everyone seemed interested.

As usual with presentations, you get really nervous before, but after a couple of minutes that goes and I really enjoyed showing off my RepRap.

To IPL'ers, thanks for listening and showing so much interest!

Top Tips for improving my presentation:
Lots of questions on possible materials and what could be printed (i.e. overhangs, support material, etc).
Concentrate on the 3d-printing of other objects and introduce the self-replication as a side-effect: Also need to mention upgrading itself using printed parts


Phil Waud said...

Well done matey!

Im not sure how the mob at school would take to CopperRap and I dont think the questions would get much beyond "why?"

Hope your feeling inspired to get that extruder finished - I think that is going to be my greatest challenge.


Renoir said...

Funnily enough, the one question I didn't get was 'Why?'
It was either one of two reasons:
A) They're all software developers and therefore inherently a bit 'geeky' and 'get it'
B) They know me and realise there isn't a possibility of a rational person understanding my motivations

Of course, the real reason is (to misquote the mountain climber):

Because it's (NOT) there.

Ivy and Haley said...