Monday, 23 March 2009

New parts arrived

I ordered some bits'n'pieces for extruder experimentation and modification. I grabbed some 8mm PTFE, 10mmPTFE and 8mmPEEK rod from DirectPlasticsOnline , and I ordered some wirewound resistors from Farnell, along with some thermistors and a set of 10-way pins and headers so that I can unplug and change extruders easily.

I spent some time in the garage cutting and drilling to make some simple insulators - and found that it's hard to drill vertical holes without a lathe or pillar drill. I also collected together some scavenged parts - some large washers, plumbing bits and drilled out a few 0.6mm welding tips to 3mm.

Sunday afternoon I spent soldering on the 10-way headers, and wiring up a couple of extruders. I'll test them out soon.

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BodgeIt said...

I got my pillar drill from ALDI last year I waited for the price reduction £33. They have them in again @ £41 however they have not reduced the price yet at the ALDI stores here. They looked over stocked.They seem to keep stock for about 2 months then clear the stock with sales.
ALDI give 3yr warranties on all tools.