Friday, 30 January 2009

Extruder (2)

After completing the heater, I warmed it up to 220 and put through some ABS.
The motor ground through a few cm of extrusion! it works!

Pretty soon, though the filament stalled and the screw ground down the filament. Feeding through by hand started it again, but it needed help.
I had to experiment a bit to get a consistent extrusion. Things that helped:
  • I bought a cheap tap/die set and ran a die down the bolt thread to sharpen it
  • tightening up the screws and springs pressing the filament onto the screw
  • upping the temperature to 240 *really* helped. I think at 220 it's only just hot enough. I'm still not sure that thermistor reading is accurate.
I still need to configure the temperature thermistor/heater power to get a more consistent temp - it tends to creep up slowly to over 255.

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