Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Complete x-axis and some brackets

Here are the lower brackets and the z-motor support

The complete X-axis assembly!


KK said...

Great blog and pictures!
A have problems fitting the nuts (called "M5 Nut Full BZP" in the "Z Sub-Assemblies" from BitsFromBytes) that hold the X-axis motor. Even tried "M5 Nut Half BZP", with similar result.
On your picture of the complete X-axis assembly, the X-axis motor seems to tilt due to the same problem as I have. The acryl plate is bending also.
Is this okay?
Any comments or suggestions anyone?
Regards Kim Kortermand

Renoir said...

Yes, I have the same problem.
I used a file to remove just enough material from the corners to get the nuts in, but the tension in the plates does make it bend a little. You might be able to add some washers between the two top plates to shift it up a little and reduce bending.