Sunday 4 September 2011

One step forward...

I spent the last couple of days fiddling with software and firmware.
I started with the 'official' RepRap host and firmware, but since I've got a complete mix of electronics (single Arduino mega, self-designed mega shield, separate extruder boards (X,Y, Z, E) and custom heater board), I needed to update all of the pin assignments and configuration files.

I made reasonable progress, managed to get the XYZ axes working fine, but it refused to turn the extruder stepper. I tried various things, ( including heating extruder to 200C), but it refused to move.
I then tried to get the latest host / firmware from git, but while doing this managed to mess up my java3d configuration slightly. Now, all I get is :

DEBUG: Attempting to initialize Arduino/Sanguino [0.174s/87ms]
Exception in thread "J3D-Renderer-1" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
        at Method)
I've tracked this down to a missing j3d*.so file. I have tried a number of things (setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH, java.library.path, putting the .so files in the current directory, etc) but there is also a problem with 64/32bit libraries. Downloading latest versions of the libraries, etc also didn't help :-(. I think it is more subtle than just missing the .so file in the path.

I switched to use replicatorG - nice program - but the 5d firmware still didn't move the extruder (after fixing some baud rate problems).

Finally, I updated to the 'Sprinter' firmware - slightly easier to configure - and this, in conjunction with the ultimaker version of replicatorG, allows me to move the extruder stepper!! woohoo!

Now, to test the heater/extruder, configure the parameters, connect up the axes...

Oops. Nothing to do with firmware problems, just some dodgy intermittent connections on my stepper. Unplugging the mega during the firmware 'upgrade' wobbled the wire, making it work the next time...
Nothing to do with the firmware versions!!!